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Don’t let fear or confusion hold you back.

Experience the joy and peace that comes with knowing the purpose God has given you.

Be prepared for Ministry using the Same Way Jesus Taught HIS Disciples.

Be Assured of Your Calling

We guide you through the
process of finding God’s original
intent for your life.

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We train you the way Jesus
trained HIS disciples so you can
know you’re doing ministry right.

Succeed in Ministry

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God do mighty things through
your life.

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We know many people feel alone and confused about God’s calling on their lives.

At LightWay Christian University, we train you the way Jesus trained HIS disciples so you can know you’re doing ministry right.

Why LightWay Christian University?

You love Jesus. You love helping people. And you feel God is calling you to something great. But do you wonder…

“Do I have a specific calling?”

“How can I know for sure?”

At LightWay Christian University, we understand. We want you to experience the joy and peace that comes with knowing the purpose God has given you. 

To discover God’s plan, many of us need encouragement and a process that a mentor can provide.

We teach you how to know God’s will for your life, and we’ll help you discover it.

The Bible isn’t in chronological order, so we teach the lessons Jesus taught HIS disciples in the same order He taught them with fresh revelations in an easy to understand format—all online.


In all my years of studying degrees, post grad and professional development, your sessions are the best I’ve encountered.


Peter Ferguson, Investment Advisor (Australia)

Dr. Wall’s training and mentorship provides what few can legitimate impartation. He carries a realm of God’s glory that opens you up to the supernatural which allows you to hear from the Holy Spirit directly. God uses him to stir up and activate sensitivity that has been there all along, but lying dormant.


Eddie Massey, President of Massey Global

My spiritual journey has been deeply blessed by the lessons taught by Dr. Shane Wall. Every week, spiritual principles and Holy Spirit revelations are shared in easy to understand lessons. A spiritual application begins personally, for me, when hearing lessons in areas of my life that I have not yet mastered. These lessons have challenged me, as it is always a joy to hear what the Holy Spirit is sharing for me to do in my life.


Teri Stalzer, Self Employed

This training reaches a new realm of teaching each week and a new area of my life is beautifully challenged every week. Each week I am either experiencing counseling, healing, comfort, warning, chastisement, or freedom. Dr. Wall’s teaching takes a bold stance to rightfully dissect the Word of God into transformational lessons that have affected the way I live my life every day.


Sheila D. Davis, Accountant

Since taking your ministry training classes, I have personally increased in wisdom and understanding. I have increased in love! My Family have been made stronger and brought closer, repaired, restrengthened, rejuvenated, reconstructed, refreshed, and ready and willing to fulfill the plans God has for us individually and collectively.


Gerald Henry, Transportation Supervisor

I’m new to ministry and had no real understanding about my purpose or how to function in my new life as a Christian. After being coached by Dr. Shane, I felt confident walking in the authority of Jesus. I’ve been able to minister healing, prophesy, and follow the leading to Holy Spirit every day. I praise God for Pro Christian Coaching! I’m so glad I took this Journey!


DeJaun Jackson, Communications Specialist

This course is endowed with much wisdom and great insight into leadership principles that are rarely taught today. I would recommend LightWay Christian University to anyone seeking insight into realms of authority and leadership!


Caleb Beno, Christian Ventriloquist

Understanding is the missing ingredient for these end times, and you don’t have to be a mental giant to see that Shane Wall is a gifted teacher in the supernatural sense.


Sid Roth, TV Host of It’s Supernatural

Hi, I’m Shane, and I’ll be your instructor on this amazing journey.


Did you know?…

The Bible is not in chronological order—not even the written accounts of Jesus. This means we studied the lessons Jesus taught out of sequence!

We don’t jump from kindergarten to the 6th grade and then back to the 1st grade, so why rearrange the original order of Jesus’ teachings?

That‘s why the Holy Spirit led me to create an in-depth course and teach the lessons of Jesus in chronological order, which will ensure that we grow from one level to the next— the way God intended for us to grow.

Do you want to know our secret for developing ministries from infancy to maturity to greatness? We’ll tell you. The Word of God declares in Proverbs 18:16 that “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Most people focus on advertising and marketing efforts via television and radio programs, social media, billboards, word of mouth, etc. to get the word out about their ministries.

According to the aforementioned scripture, our gifts are what propel us to attain tremendous opportunities to minister to those in high-level positions. At LCU, we use the lessons of Jesus to teach you how to discover, develop and present your gift to the world in a way that causes them to present you to all the favor God has planned for you and your ministry.

25+ premiere lecture lessons taught by Dr. Shane Wall
Access to download every item in the Shane Wall Ministries store (nearly 100 hours of content)

Membership in a private Facebook group where Dr. Wall and special guests will answer your questions live, with some perecorded content uploaded as well

Links to Dr. Wall’s top 10 videos and playlists that have skyrocketed his life and ministry
Entire course accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile
In-depth training equivalent to 2 years of seminary

Complimentary VIP registrations to all in-person events hosted by Shane Wall in 2021

Learn how to be sure of God’s calling on your life
Discover lessons Jesus’ disciples missed
Experience the teachings of Jesus in chronological order
Rock-solid foundational and advanced-level training without any gaps

Here Are 3 Previews of What You Can Expect…

Conquering Temptation Made Simple

Constantly giving in to temptation can be frustrating and distracting. Learn how to knock out the devil in three rounds so you can focus on the ministry God gave to you.

Are You Ready For Followers?

The ones who think they’re leading, and no one is following, are only taking a walk.
Discover “follow me as I follow Christ” on another level.

What Is Your Super Ability?

Every minister has to help, even at high levels of difficulty. Discover the high-level
problems God empowered you to solve.


  • Being assured of your calling
  •  Ministering at full capacity
  • Discovering your true purpose in life
  • Lives are changed for the better
  • No holes in your development
  • The joy of having full confidence

This is what happened to me…

Hesitation while ministering? Been there. Inconsistent or incomplete training? That was me too. But one day, the Holy Spirit woke me up with an incredible revelation for ministers.

Today, I’m helping people around the world become the minister God wants and expects them to be.

Ready? 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

Like I was saying, the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation that will change your world. He told me to study the lessons Jesus taught His disciples, chronologically. “But they’re the same lessons,” I thought.

Then He elaborated that I shouldn’t simply study these important lessons, but rather study these life-changing truths in the order Jesus taught them. This way people would even discover lessons the disciples missed! (Yes, the disciples completely missed messages that Jesus was trying to teach them!) These are completely new revelations you won’t find anywhere else.

You don’t go from sixth grade to pre-school and then to college. There are levels of learning which have to be followed in order to grow. Whether you’re a plant, a human, or even a residential construction, there must be levels of growth. If not, we’re going to miss something, and that won’t work.

Most people misunderstand the lessons of Jesus because they learn them out of sequence.

There’s a specific order that God wanted Jesus to teach important lessons to the disciples for their maturity.

The result? When we’re taught the teachings of Jesus, in the order He intended, great things happen. We can be sure our training is from the Lord, and it is rock solid without any gaps. This will give us the confidence we need to succeed in ministry.

Finally, a complete training for ministers.
God filled in the gaps!

Included with Your Purchase

When you join Kingdom Ministry Training today, we will give these special bonuses to you at no additional charge.

Minister In The Spirit

Preach the gospel with signs

Understanding the Supernatural
Conference 2019

2019 Conference audio featuring
Dr. Shane Wall, Roberts Liardon,
and Tony Kemp

Understanding the Supernatural
Conference 2018

2018 Conference audio featuring
Dr. Shane Wall, Roberts Liardon,
and Tony Kemp

Understanding the Supernatural
Conference 2017

2017 Conference audio featuring
Dr. Shane Wall, Roberts Liardon,
and Tony Kemp

Understanding the Supernatural
Conference 2016

2016 Conference audio featuring Dr. Shane Wall, John Ramirez,
and Tom Fischer

The Climb

Shane Wall’s top 10 videos that
have skyrocketed his life and his
ministry (40+ hours of additional

You Can Prophesy

Uncover the secrets to
prophesying with accuracy and
with authority

1-Day Supernatural Boot Camp

Includes 6.5 hours of sessions like The 5 Steps of Advanced Spiritual Warfare, and The 5 Levels of Faith

Understanding 3-CD Set
from It’s Supernatural

Experience training audio
produced exclusively for Sid
Roth’s It’s Supernatural

How Angels Are Commanded

Uncover how to discover where angels are posted in your home, the difference between imagination and seeing in the spirit, and so much more

Understanding: All Success
Is Attained By It

Understanding life from God’s
perspective will empower you to
resolve difficult problems, reveal
your true identity, and more

Succeed in Ministry

Catapult your sensitivity so you
can perceive angelic activity in
the invisible world

Winning Financially Now!
Training Manual

Training topics include Trusting
Month to Month, Money Changes People, and You Don’t Need Money

Coaching with Dr. Wall is normally $5,000

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